About Micaeduco
MICA Educational Co. Pvt. Ltd. is an organization of scholars which aims to create an educated and peaceful society by extending co-operation, honesty and enlightenment in the process of hard work towards the goal of learning

1995 Year

Interestingly, the nomenclature MICA was derived from the then canopy ‘Mercantile Institute of Computer Application’ whose inception dates back to 1995 when it was established as a computer accounting firm that used to take care of ledger balancing work of Banks and was focused towards computer accounting training institute under the supervision of elderly founder of MSD.

1997 Year

The root of the organization was seeded in the year 1997 as MICA School Division (MSD) when it made a humble beginning as a venture for meeting personal and educational expenses of the founder of MSD by providing computer education in a school. Gradually out of excitement for innovation and to provide quality services; the organization expanded to provide expertise in different fields of Education and I.T. services.

2005 Year

MICA got registered as a Pvt. Ltd. Company in the year 2005 and has continued to serve in Jharkhand and other adjacent states. Its contribution in the field of Education, Software, Hardware and I.T. activities has made a significant impact and has helped the organization to emerge as a leader in I.T. Education @ Schools, Vocational Training, Skill Based Training, Software Development, Play School, BPO ITES, Grievance Redressal System, I.T. Updation Workshop and organizing Competitions, Hardware Maintenance, Books Publication, Online Exam & Evaluation System.

2010 Year

The Organization provides platform to a large number of youths and fresh graduates by giving them an opportunity to start their careers in MICA. Youths associated with this organization (who developed skills while working or by being trained) are serving in different sectors around the globe in 2010. The organization proudly calls them ‘MICA Graduates’.

The work environment and culture of MICA makes it a distinct entity as it believes in happiness as the core objective of work. It cultivates an environment where MICAns get an opportunity to groom themselves as leaders, update themselves with practical skills, take ownership of their learning process and also to indulge in leisure from time to time. It promotes a spirit of co-operation, team building and family like environment amongst its employees. Other than work protocol, the ideology of Mr. Sanjay Jain – The CEO of the organization enables MICA to be a place where everyone is equal, be it the CEO himself or any other MICAns irrespective of their position in the organization or irrespective of their creed, caste, religion, gender, region that they belong to. This spirit can well be witnessed during its fellowships like MICA Sports League, Picnics and celebrations during Saraswati Puja, Independence Day, Viswakarma Puja, Republic Day, Eid, X-Mas, Holi, MICAns’ birthday etc. People working here are not employees but are tagged as MICAns.

2020-21 Year

Over the years MICA has followed the ethos of an extended family as far as its team is concerned. MICA is a leader in the sectors it is engaged in; in terms of services and innovations that it provides. This has been possible by the collective efforts of its founders and companions and through constant trust of its clients.

Trust Of Clients

Services alt

I.T. Education in School

150 Schools

Software Development & Troubleshooting

300 Schools & Institutions

Hardware Maintenance

250 Institutions

Skill Development Training

Trained 2500 Candidates

Samvad & Samadhan

Helped 2,00,000 Families of Jharkhand

I.T. Talent Search

Exposure to approx. 7,00,000 School Students

I.T. Books Publication

Guidance to 10,000,000 Students and Teachers

A Play School

Grooming 1000 Kids

Workshop & Training of Teachers of CBSE Schools

6000 Teachers & 300 Schools

Web Development

500+ Corporate Companies & Other Sector

Steps of our work


Meeting With The Customer

The first meeting is very import to form contact and discuss the main ideas of the project.
Meeting Meeting

We Consider And Analyze The Work Plan

Accomplishment of work within budget, timeline and satisfying quality extions.
Plan Plan

Work Hard On The Project

We meet, analyze and check the done work and make needed corrections.
Hardwork Hardwork

Analyze & Check Everything

We meet, check workdone and make needed corrections. Keeping project manager informed in case of issues.
Analyze Analyze

Finish Work & Give It To The Customer

The project is ready and we give it to the customer. Also we ask for the feedback from the customer.
Finish Finish

Our Team Members

We Are an Enthused Bunch of Dynamic Professionals on a Journey
to Redefine Branding and Marketing trends for any industry.