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MICA Education has been a group of expert researchers, I.T. scholars and teachers who are dedicated to educate and create an environment to enable application of I.T. tools in the society by teaching and guiding students in schools

Under its computer education initiative, MICA has been providing comprehensive, practical oriented and useful study material to the students that covers the latest trends in Information Technology. This task has got successfully accomplished as a result of gaining immense live and hands-on experience while teaching computer as a subject & interacting with students from different backgrounds of various schools.


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In the process of imparting education, it realized the need for economical, interesting, useful and organized content as per the standard of students that could cater to an increased number of learners. Consequently it started publishing the books professionally, that were released in the market in the year 2002 under the banner of EDUCO Publishers.

EDUCO Publishers has the highest reach in the state of Jharkhand as it notably sells more number of computer books than any other national or international publisher in Jharkhand. Interestingly, MICA has also been the first organization to publish vocational IT books (as prescribed by CBSE) for class IX and X

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Since 1995

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Learning Books

Making use of experiential learning during the teaching process of hundreds of teachers; the organization composes world class practical oriented books which have distinct features like :

  • Use of Simple Language
  • Impressive, Colourful layouts and Self-explanatory pictures and diagrams
  • Chapters with practical orientation and real life situation of everyday life for better understanding
  • Lab assignments between the corresponding theoretical portions for practical exposure, so that the students know how to apply their learning in the computer lab
  • Proper utilization of the back side of cover page of the books putting ‘Tech facts’ that provides general knowledge about I.T
  • Models of sample project that correlates real life situations
  • Chapters designed to help in development of reasoning and logical ability among students
  • Use of generic terms, to create an environment where the students learn the concept not the product
  • Series of its books cover broad perspective on topics that are based upon the freeware as MICA promotes the use of open source

MICA is enriched with academic experience as it has been empanelled by CBSE for training teachers of CBSE schools.

MICA also keeps organizing training workshops for the computer teachers of different schools. It also keeps updating many schools on IT and computer education, new technology, IT guidelines and about the specific direction from the boards. Apparently it realized the need to help to curtail the exodus of national economy and promote the usage of freeware i.e. to install, use and apply software that are free of cost. This enabled teaching the budding generation and acquaint them with such free packages so as to avoid paying high price for Microsoft products and discourage the use of pirated software. Hence it took an initiative to introduce freeware in its books and use the generic terms in the contents and also to promote open source.


Computers for School

Computer Application in School

Gaon, Siksha aur Rozgar

Computer in School

Incidentally it is the first and among the only few organizations in India to introduce freeware.
Hence it took an initiative to introduce freeware in its books and use the generic terms in the contents and also to promote open source.

To help the students learn the computer in an interesting manner, it has also developed free Educational software such as INTERNET DEMO, FUN-KEY, and COMPU-TUTOR.

It publishes world class books on Information Technology for CBSE, ICSE and Vocational Studies in accordance with the syllabus of different boards and endeavors to always offer something new with updated editions of books. All its publications are copyright protected and ISBN assigned.