No one will be

left Unheard

Redressal to any problem is a great contribution to the society as it helps in making the aggrieved comfortable. Based on its ideology, MICA has tried to contribute to the society through solution and redressals for the issues that are under its control and has taken initiatives in filling up the communication gap, as it believes that lack of information and communication gap is the root to most of the problems among ourselves, in our family, society, and the government. It has also taken initiative to reach to people at large through its strong network (MICAns, teachers, students and others) and through social media tools.

Grievance redressal mechanism is the nerve of any organization’s administration. No organization or service industry can claim to be accountable, responsive and friendly unless it has established effective grievance redressal & communication & information system. It is the gauge to measure the efficiency of a system as it provides important feedback on the working of the administration.


One of the flagship initiative of Jharkhand Government; ‘Jan Samvad Kendra’ started on May 1st, 2015 which is one of the prestigious verticals. MICA has been operating a full-fledged I.T. Media Cell, Content Cell and Call Center as a service provider to the government of Jharkhand. Jan Samvad Kendra’s online application, IT infrastructure planning & implementation and Software has been developed and is being run & managed by MICA.

Mukhyamantri Jan Samvad Kendra is a Grievance Redressal mechanism which acts as a bridge between government of Jharkhand and the public. It provides a platform through which the local citizens who have been denied completion of work or who have witnessed unjust responses from the government departments can seek direct help from authorities under the canopy of Chief Minister through this Kendra. MJSK receives complain by various modes of communication i.e., by telephone (toll-free number 181), Post, e-Mail, Social Media, Janta Darbar, Online Mobile Application, District Coordinators and others and provides solution and initiates direct help from Chief Minister Office and its functionary arms in resolving such complains.

Mechanism of resolving a complain starts with lodging a complain which is then forwarded to an allocator who examines and forwards the grievance to the concerned official or department. The response comes to the compliance team, which verifies the facts and contacts the complainant. A complainant can know the status of his/her grievance through a portal. Entire process is IT enabled and automated. Pending grievances are reviewed on weekly basis by the CMO and the Chief Minister himself who attends monthly review meetings known as ‘Seedhi Baat’. At present an average of 350 grievances are being registered daily and about 300 cases are being resolved. MICA has harnessed IT power to meet the objective of governance.


  • Chief Minister, Senior Bureaucrats, Government of Jharkhand and other social figures appreciated MICA for planning and execution of such Grievance Redressal & Data Handling System in Jharkhand.
  • Skoch Merit Award
  • Skoch Smart Governance Gold Award