Skill Development

Skill development is a need based orientation for job employability with practical application. It is an important tool to increase productivity and to enhance the efficiency & quality of services. It also leads to economic development.

MICA has been working towards bridging the gap between the demand of skilled individuals for different sectors & the need of job seekers. In 2013 it took a leap towards imparting training for skill development of individuals with aim to facilitate their employability in the organized sectors. . It has trained more than five thousand candidates so far who are now self-employed or are working to provide quality outputs in various organizations.

MICA believes, that India has a huge potential of human resource & has a lot of employment opportunities with the growing and emerging industrial growth, but on the other hand it experiences unemployment also, due to non-preparedness of basic ability & skills to handle works. It has expertise in I.T., Apparel, Electronics, ITES (BPO), Beauty & Wellness etc. as it has proper infrastructure & quality manpower. As a training partner of the Government of Jharkhand, it is in the process to transform unskilled/unemployed youth into skilled/employed resources.


Sharpen Skills,
Enable Creativity,

& Progress Society


Knowledge is power. It becomes worthwhile when it is applied for positive outputs.Traditionally, the people of India have always had adaptability & caliber. There has been a need to shape skills into professional acumen to meet the demands of the professional world. India is taking steps by imparting training for grooming skills thus cultivating the opportunity of jobs and increase in production and quality of services.

With proper skill based training of such a large human resource, India can create miracles in the world. As a part of basic objectives & ideology, MICA has been taking initiatives to provide on job training & to train youths in order to help them to develop skill for career development in many ways.

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Professional Skills

Soft Skill Training

MICA believes that having a degree does not guarantee professional skills. The dynamic job market requires communication skills, leadership qualities, team spirit, adaptability, etiquette etc. to brand an individual as a skillful, smart and result oriented worker. An individual with soft skills enjoys an edge over others in the competitive job market.

MICA comprises of an elite group of professionals, educationists and scholars who believe in training the students keeping the above parameters in mind. Soft Skills training is provided in MICA through workshops, classes and group discussions so that individuals are well groomed for their professional advancement irrespective of the technical degree they possess.


It aims to train future leaders by focusing on updating & grooming and giving responsibility & independence in work so as to enable them to move up the ladders to ensure growth and happiness.

  • Partner
  • Recognition
  • USP
  • NULM: Center at Jharkhand & Odisha
  • NDSC for imparting Training under PMKVY 2.0 on PAN India basis
  • PIA for Aajeevika Skill Training
  • Empanelled with UD & HD, Govt. of Jharkhand
  • Empanelled with State Urban Development Authority (SUDA), Govt. of Odisha
  • Empanelled as PIA with MANAS (Maulana Azad National Academy for Skills) for conducting Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Programme (E&SDP)
  • Empanelled PIA for Aajeevika Skill by MoRD (GOI)
  • Affiliated to Apparel Made-Ups & Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC) for training individuals to become:
    • Sewing Machine Operator-AMH/Q0301
    • Embroidery Machine Operator (Zig Zag)-AMH/Q0801
    • Hand Embroider-AMH/Q1001
    • Fashion Designer-AMH/Q1201
  • Single selected STP from Jharkhand to attend National Conference on NULM by UD&HD (Govt. of Jharkhand)
  • Customized Training for Individual Growth.
  • Evaluation and Assessment by Experts
  • Integrated module for Overall Growth
  • Exposure to Dynamic Environments

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Capacity Building
Training of Teachers
MICA As MICA has a vast experience of working with teachers and students it has been selected as one of the agencies by C.B.S.E, New Delhi at International & National Level to conduct One Day / Two Day "CAPACITY BUILDING TRAINING PROGRAMMES" for In-Service teachers of Eastern India & at National level. Till now, it has trained six thousand teachers and has provided them training on formative assessment and necessary life skills that have benefitted lakhs of students.

The training in practical pedagogical approach of teaching have boosted the morale of the teachers to believe in and apply proper methodology of imparting education with specific focus on needs of Interpersonal skills, Practical assignments, Soft Skills & Formative Activities.

  • Features of ICT Training
  • USP

Many Leaders and Trainers are overwhelmed by technology and look forward to use it more to enhance their efficiencies, but don't know how or where to start.

ICT training is aimed to develop their Information and Communication Technology skills so that they can apply various existing and latest I.T. tools to powerfully influence learners by integrating technology into classrooms.

MICA conducts ICT training for teachers who would like to enrich themselves with a variety of software and use online tools in order to integrate technology into their classrooms for everyday teaching.

Computer Education as a subject varies from other traditional subjects because of continuous changes and update in the fast paced technological world. MICA as an organization is always engaged in research on the latest development in the field of IT and keeps itself updated with latest knowledge.

Its training workshops for Computer Teachers includes latest update on Software, Device, Technology, Cyber law & Government policies relating to IT and also includes creative ideas, to instill computer knowledge in students in a playful manner. Teachers are always kept updated on inclusion of new topics in curriculum of different boards (CBSE, ICSE and State Boards).

  • Acquainting the teachers to use a range of online tools and software which are available as freeware
  • Discussing & Reviewing various methods to incorporate ICT in classroom teaching
  • Developing confidence in managing and integrating ICT in the lessons of their subjects
  • Customized Training for Individual Growth.
  • Evaluation and Assessment by Experts
  • Integrated module for Overall Growth
  • Exposure to Dynamic Environments